Who will be the last man?

Up or down?, 2016

Today many people, both those belonging to a religion and atheists, believe in the coming of apocalyptic times.

These people are convinced that any critical change (historical, ethical/moral, environmental) leads the world towards a potentially catastrophic end.
Yet, throughout history, there was always someone somewhere on our planet who preached or predicted the coming of such apocalyptic times.
Which, however, no one has ever lived.

Apocalypse, not received.

Whoever puts these distorted and false visions into circulation has a goal that has always remained unchanged throughout history: to arouse fear in the population.

Those who exercise power know that terror and all its variations are the supreme weapons to govern undisturbed.
Whoever is afraid magically transforms himself into the perfect enslaved person.
Terror overwhelms the mind.


But there is more.

Humanity is fascinated by the only goal impossible to reach: extinction.
Human nature as a whole, intended as the set of all possible and probable human existences, cannot be extinguished and will never reach the end.

The human spirit will always create a new situation which will develop new experiences.

No development follows a straight direction, much less from the bottom to the top.
There is no improvement in evolution.

History shows us that evolution is a circular movement called continuous transformation.

Each created being contains all its possible future states.
And the shape that changes is always present and inalienable from all those future shapes.

Life is inalienable.


Why does evolution have a circular motion?
Because the circular one is the infinite movement and defines the perfect shape.
Because the movement of time is not actually linear but circular.

All ancient cultures called it ‘the time of the gods’, of the immortals.
But the gods were created by the fervent human imagination.

Only man exists, eternal and omnipotent.

And therefore, the distance between the hypothetical first and last man is only apparent.
Because the first and last points in a circular series don’t exist.


So, if the apocalypse is unrealised and unrealisable, it means that it’s only an element with which humanity plays.

Just as it plays eternally with the idyllic time diametrically opposed to the apocalypse:
The golden age of humanity has never existed and will never return.


The human spirit joyfully plays with the wheel of time.

As omnipotent and omniscient, we can never forget who we were, who we are and who we could be.

We are the solution.
Use your desire, the key that will open every door.

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