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Glass walls

Glass walls, 2016

I am in love with everything that is glass made. Artistically speaking, glass is one of my great passions, an obsession of mine.

In city development (especially in the last 40 years), architects worldwide have favoured glass as a building material for its transparency, which is synonymous with brightness.

The massive use of glass in buildings (public and private) is justified everywhere by the increased number of facilities and their growing proximity.
Little space between buildings means less light in each apartment.

Glass is functional to increase the pleasantness and livability of homes. In the northern countries, this has always been the primary construction practice.

But in the extensive use of glass in new apartments and offices worldwide, there is a precise psychological indication: daily life is increasingly exposed, an invitation to exhibitionism and voyeurism.

The intimate life becomes like a fiction movie to see on TV, a perfect product for mass consumption.


This whole thing is like a push towards everyday life virtualization and spectacularity.

The glass allows you to see but also to isolate.
A window (which can always be opened if desired) becomes like the glass of a TV or Personal Computer monitor.

But a wall, even if made of glass, always remains a wall.


The phenomenon of globalization is the main responsible for the existence commodification of each of us.

Look around you.
Many young people think that being an ‘influencer’ is a profession.
For many of them, it represents a career to invest in.

This phenomenon represents, for me, the saddest thing in the world: the overwhelming power of emptiness is winning in their hearts.


I have bizarre dreams in my life’s most challenging and stressful times.
The scenarios have changed over the years, but an ever-present element remains unchanged.

In the dream, somewhere, there is always an aquarium; sometimes, it is just a little glass vase with only one inhabitant, but often it appears enormous and can contain thousands of individuals.

But no endangered fish or exotic, colourful species swim in these aquariums. Human beings swim there with dull, glassy eyes.

An unpleasant vision that feels apocalyptic.
I wake up upset, nervous, and furious.


My photographic works are full of glass because transparency is one of my personal values.
My transparency doesn’t indicate the quality of being ‘invisible’, but it’s the possibility of looking through and beyond.
Anyway, you can always buy a good pair of glasses.

See you.

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Rome 30th level, 2016

I often hear our society defined as ‘alienated’, the realm of alienation.
In 2017 I dedicated one of my artistic projects to the city of Rome, a megalopolis that, from the very first day of its foundation, had to face this issue.
For the ‘Eternal City, ‘ alienation is a condition of daily life. In this reflection, I will briefly talk to you about the multiple meanings that the Latin word ‘alienus’ has assumed up to the present day.


The first meaning of alien is foreign, strange, or outsider.
Since the dawn of time, Rome has been a city that welcomes anyone who arrives within its walls amicably, as long as they are always willing to follow its laws and customs.
If you are willing to adapt, you are immediately considered one of us.
So the first rule says: if you don’t want to feel like a stranger, it’s enough to be respectful and polite in a house that is not yours.
You will be considered different, but not strangers.


Alien can also mean distant, in the sense of ‘ not feeling involved ‘.
The meaning can also be more extreme: hostile, adverse and contrary.
Large metropolises often predispose to these moods, especially those with miserable lives and failed relationships.
But Rome, by its very nature, has one heart that admits nobody to be continually treated hostilely. Rome is so extended that you will eventually meet someone in the same condition as you. Rome loves everyone.
The mirror name of ROME is AMOR: love.


This situation can happen to everyone.
After a night of revelry, you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and be shocked.
Unfortunately, some people feel increasingly split in two every day, even if they don’t drink or use drugs.
And slowly but surely, the distance becomes unbridgeable and the surrounding world a hostile place.
They no longer know where to flee to find protection and shelter; they feel like strangers, even in their own bodies.
Mental illness becomes the only company, their escape route.
In 1548 Rome officially opened a structure to welcome the ‘poor crazy people, that is, all those who are poor in the brain and crazy of any sex and nation’.
And during many centuries, the hospital of ‘Santa Maria Della Pietà’ restored thousands of people to social life.
Throughout history, not all societies have rejected, tortured and vilified the mentally ill.


To alienate can also mean getting rid of something or antagonising someone.
It is said ‘to alienate an asset’ or ‘to alienate someone’s trust ‘.
All of this can be painful, but it can also be a release.
The coin always has two sides.


The last note I want to write is not about alienation. On the contrary, it is about something no one can alienate and ever lose.
Our personal history and the knowledge we accumulated through thousands of life experiences are our true wealth, the wisdom we gained through joy and pain.

Anything can happen to us during our lifetime, any kind of misfortune ranging from the banalest to the most terrible.
But as Biante of Pirene (one of the Seven Greek Elders ) said: all I have that is most precious is always with me.

So, with this great news, that’s all, folks.
And remember to say hello to the aliens for me.

Until next

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Cannot sleep, 2016

What makes the night a particular time?
From the dawn of humanity, the night is the time when we open the door that allows us to pass from the diurnal dimension to the reality of dreams.
The dream is another reality that we frequent every day.
We live in sleep, dreams and nightmares.

We dream with open eyes as with closed eyes.


Problems arise when we cannot easily fall asleep, and we cannot cross the threshold of the dream world.

Insomnia is the most common pathology in humans.
Not sleeping means draining your physical energies; it weakens the mind and prostrates the soul.

Without sleep and without dreams, you die.

Since the beginning of their history, medicine and pharmacopoeia have been concerned with sleep disorders.
We can still efficiently use substances such as chamomile, valerian, passion flower and lemon balm.

Or we can use the trick of counting, counting, counting … counting sheep.

Animals that reassure.


Whoever invented this method was perhaps a simple shepherd.
Perhaps because the bucolic landscape of a distant and unreachable Arcadia belongs only to an ideal world, but dreaming is a wonder; it’s beautiful.

Not dreaming depresses you and condemns you to live in a two-dimensional world. A flat land.

I have known several people who were afraid of dreaming.
Genuine fear of living.


I don’t think that dream is an escape or a secondary, irrelevant dimension of reality.

The dream world is exactly like the waking world.
It has its own rules, where we make experiences consistent with its nature.

Being so close, these two realities significantly influence each other.
Using dreaming experiences is a daily practice for anyone, even when we don’t realize it.

Dreams (and nightmares) are a forge where we produce solutions to what we consider problems in the waking state.
I said solutions, not problems.

A real gold mine.
Sweet dreams.


… and that’s all, folks.


Whatever the cause of your insomnia is, face it with peace of mind.

The more you worry and magnify the problem (which certainly is severe), it will produce precisely the result you don’t want.
Anxiety will become your inseparable companion.

Love your nightmares, and don’t blame yourself unnecessarily.
Accept yourself, and everything will become more bearable.

So, I wish you a good night.

Until next

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Who will be the last man?

Up or down?, 2016

Today many people, both those belonging to a religion and atheists, believe in the coming of apocalyptic times.

These people are convinced that any critical change (historical, ethical/moral, environmental) leads the world towards a potentially catastrophic end.
Yet, throughout history, there was always someone somewhere on our planet who preached or predicted the coming of such apocalyptic times.
Which, however, no one has ever lived.

Apocalypse, not received.

Whoever puts these distorted and false visions into circulation has a goal that has always remained unchanged throughout history: to arouse fear in the population.

Those who exercise power know that terror and all its variations are the supreme weapons to govern undisturbed.
Whoever is afraid magically transforms himself into the perfect enslaved person.
Terror overwhelms the mind.


But there is more.

Humanity is fascinated by the only goal impossible to reach: extinction.
Human nature as a whole, intended as the set of all possible and probable human existences, cannot be extinguished and will never reach the end.

The human spirit will always create a new situation which will develop new experiences.

No development follows a straight direction, much less from the bottom to the top.
There is no improvement in evolution.

History shows us that evolution is a circular movement called continuous transformation.

Each created being contains all its possible future states.
And the shape that changes is always present and inalienable from all those future shapes.

Life is inalienable.


Why does evolution have a circular motion?
Because the circular one is the infinite movement and defines the perfect shape.
Because the movement of time is not actually linear but circular.

All ancient cultures called it ‘the time of the gods’, of the immortals.
But the gods were created by the fervent human imagination.

Only man exists, eternal and omnipotent.

And therefore, the distance between the hypothetical first and last man is only apparent.
Because the first and last points in a circular series don’t exist.


So, if the apocalypse is unrealised and unrealisable, it means that it’s only an element with which humanity plays.

Just as it plays eternally with the idyllic time diametrically opposed to the apocalypse:
The golden age of humanity has never existed and will never return.


The human spirit joyfully plays with the wheel of time.

As omnipotent and omniscient, we can never forget who we were, who we are and who we could be.

We are the solution.
Use your desire, the key that will open every door.

Until next

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Time splinters

Recreation time, 2018

Talking about time would take an infinite amount of time.

I will therefore try to splinter only a few fragments.

I propose my personal experiences and observations of the time, and I promise you that I’ll be concise.

I’ll not waste your precious time.


The sand runs fast between the fingers.

I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow, my love; I can’t wait to see you again.

Do you think it’s the proper hour to return home?

When I immerse myself in creating a new work of art, time doesn’t exist.

When I make love with the one I love, time freezes.

When I do things I don’t like, time never goes by.

When I’m in good company, time flies.

But the clock, imperturbable, is always the same:
tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock …


Time is one of the dimensions in which the being expresses itself as action.
It’s a dynamic dimension of being.

This is a list of the main types of time, which are just some of its forms:

1 Natural time
2 Cultural time
3 Psychological time
4 Dreamtime

All these forms are the ones that most influence our experience in this dimension of reality.

Our language is also shaped by time because almost all of our actions are placed in the temporal dimension.

Are you bored?
Are you wasting your precious time reading what I have written?

Or are you already imagining or daydreaming about another world, perhaps without time?


Men have always known (it doesn’t matter if they are aware of it or not ) that the only point of time in which they live their earthly experience is the present.

This is an irrefutable reality.

Some of us can also interact with the past and modify the events.

But that’s another story.


The splinter of an object doesn’t allow us to see the thing in its entirety.

At most, we can only deduce or imagine it.

So, with the passing of time, we have to seize the moment.

The peculiarity of the temporal dimension is that it has no time, or rather, its dimension has no limitations.

There is an eternal and infinite time, where all its possible forms are contemporary and inalienable.

Here I stop.
Today is Sunday, and I have my recreation time.

Until next

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Like the heart’s beat

Resurrection, 2020

Today I want to address a bar topic, something that each of us discusses with friends and family daily:
the resurrection.

1 Resurrection of who?
2 Resurrection where?
3 Resurrection why?

This is not trivial: most people have a deep and paralysing fear of dying.

This fear belongs to men and women across the board, regardless of culture, religion, race or age.

Thousands of years of human reflection on the subject haven’t served to mitigate (or exorcise) death.

But I am convinced that many people are also afraid of being resurrected among you.


It’s not about believing in something or having faith in someone.
It’s a question of observing a fact that is difficult to refute: life is something inextinguishable, as well as personal identity.

In other words: what exists is and will be forever.

Eternal means that it has no definite starting point and no end.

Being is eternal; the forms of being are infinite, continuously created and recreated and subject to permanent change.

Therefore death and resurrection are synonymous with the same action: mutation.

I answer the first question: being is the one who changes, who rises again.


In our reality, we experience space as a place.
We think in terms of moving the matter from one place to another.

But if being is eternal (therefore not subject to the direct influence of time), in which place (or rather, dimension) do we rise again (that is, we change)?

Since the dimensions of reality are infinite in number, our choice has no limitations.

Don’t panic, dear friends!
We are always free to choose according to our needs and preferences.

There’s only one difference between who is afraid of dying (and being resurrected) and who is not: awareness.

I answer the second question: wherever we want and desire to be.


The resurrection, described in this way, may seem almost a trivial action.

On the contrary, I would call it natural.

In the mists of time, some men have taken this action very seriously: resurrection is a matter of practice, worship and culture.

In ancient times the cult of Mithras (of oriental origins) generates more or less directly in the West the figure of Christ, who is the duplicate of the ‘Deus Sol Invictus’.

In the east, for example, in Hinduism, there is the idea of ​​’Mukti’ or the complete liberation of the human soul (atman) from the cycles of existence which occurs when it is finally ready to merge or dissolve entirely in the soul of the world ( Brahman).

The alchemical doctrine is the purest theory and practice of ‘transmutation’.
The Philosopher’s Stone is the symbol and image of mutation and resurrection.

The ‘Araba Fenice, always her.


The third question I have to answer is: why be resurrected?

The answer is: that it’s inevitably part of being and inseparable from it.

Getting out of bed in the morning is also a resurrection …

Until next

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Easy as cooking a broth

Hooked, 2020

In his daily practice, each artist must answer two questions:

They always appear in just this sequence order.
And after all, any action that’s negligible or fatally important follows this rule.

You always have to start from an idea, even if it may still be vague!

This idea wants to have a body, a shape.
And giving birth it isn’t always as easy as cooking broth.


Why am I an artist?
Because I like the danger.
Because the unknown and the new upset me.
And even if they scare me, I can’t resist their charm.

What could be more multifaceted and changeable than a concept, an idea?
During my life, I have found myself involved in bizarre and dangerous situations, but creative activity is the most surprising.

When the artist creates, he always plays a game with himself, and it’s not to take for grant that he’ll come out to be the winner.
The important thing is never to take yourself too seriously: becoming an idea is exciting.


Yes, conceptual art is often irritating and outrageously ugly, but it never leaves the viewer indifferent.

The aesthetic of disgust always remains a type of aesthetic.
Arousing disgust is having hit the target anyway.

‘Fountain’ by Marcel Duchamp and ‘Artist’s shit’ by Piero Manzoni docent.
But suppose you don’t like vulgar objects like urinals or shit… in that case, you can always turn your attention to something utterly neutral like Salvatore Gerau’s ‘immaterial sculptures’, where there is nothing that can disgust or upset you except emptiness.
The void is empty but, beware, it isn’t nothingness …

Think about this, carefully.


As an artist, I defend any free and conscious expression (but also unconscious is perfectly fine), and I always hope that it’s generated by an act of pure joy or anger and not just necessarily for the sake of mere aesthetical beauty.

Playing with concepts and ideas is undoubtedly an art too.

So try to move even an inch from your seat, and your perspective will inevitably change.

Maybe even drastically.
Maybe even for the better.

Until next

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Fear to fly

Higher, 2020

The fear of flying, of freeing oneself lightly into the air, is not encountered only in dreams.

Many people are afraid of taking a plane, and perhaps many of you fall into this category.

But here, I want to talk to you about another fear of which flying is only a symbolic image: the fear of freedom.


I seem to hear your voices … you are saying that you are certainly not afraid of freedom.

But the word freedom implies another one, much more uncomfortable and demanding: responsibility.

And these two states are never separable.

It’s too easy to put problems on the shoulders of others!
But any action we take is always and only ‘ours’: burdens and honours.

So why not try to stay, to be free consciously and responsibly all the time?

The world around us would be very different.
Imagine, you can…


A synonym for freedom (and responsibility) is the word independence.

Independence always has costs, sometimes even very high ones, which involve the individual ability to face every difficulty alone, with confidence and courage.

And, looking around me, genuinely independent people are pretty rare …


Flying high like the eagle means trusting the wind, embracing an ever wider horizon with your gaze and above all, it means never being afraid of falling.

The joy of being up there, alone, and flying higher and higher.

Still afraid?

Until next

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Memory, the lost object

The darkness office, 2020

In 1995 the Greek director Theo Angelopoulos made the film ‘The Ulysses’ gaze’, a meditation on the value of memories, of those lost and those found.

What’s a memory?

Each individual guards, protects and preserves joyful and painful memories.
Memories are the foundations on which we build our personal history and the world to which we give life.


Consider for a moment all the memories you have accumulated throughout your life.

Few or many, each memory is linked to another memory of yours and that of other individuals.
Memories form an iridescent spider’s web-like, and someone gets trapped inside it occasionally.

Never linger too long in the memory of the good times gone: the sweetness and joy in remembering will inevitably turn into nostalgia.
And nostalgia can poison every moment of the present time.

Never tie your daily life to the pain you felt and the revenge you still crave for past events.

Let them flow like the river, which remains unchanged even if the flowing water is never the same.


In a superficial and banal way, we could define history as a selection of some memories over others; in short, as a selection of events considered, rightly or wrongly, as worthy of being handed down.

The story we study is only ONE path among the many that arise simultaneously from a given event.

However, we don’t know the memories of all the participants; we don’t know the story of the multitudes who created that same event.

The story comprises only what is left among billions of ignored, forgotten memories.


Memory is also essential to who we are, both as a community and as individuals.

A personal value is that truth that pushes us to act.
And, thanks to memories, the life path and the experiences we made to achieve that value constitute our most authentic wisdom.


Therefore, Ulysses never forgot Ithaca, the place from which he had departed and to which he would belong forever.

And like him, we should never forget who we are and where we come from to get where we want to go.

Remember not to forget, ever.

Until next

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Well, blood is thicker than water

Hamlet, 2021

The Shakespearean tragedy ‘Hamlet’ constantly challenged directors, actors, literary critics, spectators and readers.

It’s a theatrical work with complex interweaving and endless twists.

However, following the Bard in his dramaturgical madness forces us to give some intriguing reflections.

Therefore, let us enter the realm of the family and its internal mechanisms.


Indeed, the family is the first and safest shelter for an individual, but it’s equally valid that the family environment
it’s also the first natural arena in which to learn to defend and fight.

Hamlet’s family is an excellent example of a lion’s den or, if you prefer, snakes.

Therefore, it’s clear from the outset how creeping is among the members of the royal family of Denmark the hate, resentment, envy,
the wildest ambition.

Sibling rivalry.


The late King of Denmark, his brother Claudius, his wife Gertrude and his son Hamlet are all disturbing characters.

Hypocrisy reigns supreme among them.

Just observe how everyone, without exception, is ready to plot against each other.

The end result is a streak of blood, poisoned.


Inside this perverse mechanism that is this royal revenge (the real and only protagonist of the drama), they appear in the foreground some despicable aspects of the human soul.

In the drama, we encounter vanity as a thirst for power, diabolical calculation skills, vainglory and overestimating one’s abilities.

In conclusion, the right to recrimination can never turn into an act of bloody revenge.

You all know the ending.

Until next


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