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Easy as cooking a broth

Hooked, 2020

In his daily practice, each artist must answer two questions:

They always appear in just this sequence order.
And after all, any action that’s negligible or fatally important follows this rule.

You always have to start from an idea, even if it may still be vague!

This idea wants to have a body, a shape.
And giving birth it isn’t always as easy as cooking broth.


Why am I an artist?
Because I like the danger.
Because the unknown and the new upset me.
And even if they scare me, I can’t resist their charm.

What could be more multifaceted and changeable than a concept, an idea?
During my life, I have found myself involved in bizarre and dangerous situations, but creative activity is the most surprising.

When the artist creates, he always plays a game with himself, and it’s not to take for grant that he’ll come out to be the winner.
The important thing is never to take yourself too seriously: becoming an idea is exciting.


Yes, conceptual art is often irritating and outrageously ugly, but it never leaves the viewer indifferent.

The aesthetic of disgust always remains a type of aesthetic.
Arousing disgust is having hit the target anyway.

‘Fountain’ by Marcel Duchamp and ‘Artist’s shit’ by Piero Manzoni docent.
But suppose you don’t like vulgar objects like urinals or shit… in that case, you can always turn your attention to something utterly neutral like Salvatore Gerau’s ‘immaterial sculptures’, where there is nothing that can disgust or upset you except emptiness.
The void is empty but, beware, it isn’t nothingness …

Think about this, carefully.


As an artist, I defend any free and conscious expression (but also unconscious is perfectly fine), and I always hope that it’s generated by an act of pure joy or anger and not just necessarily for the sake of mere aesthetical beauty.

Playing with concepts and ideas is undoubtedly an art too.

So try to move even an inch from your seat, and your perspective will inevitably change.

Maybe even drastically.
Maybe even for the better.

Until next

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Fear to fly

Higher, 2020

The fear of flying, of freeing oneself lightly into the air, is not encountered only in dreams.

Many people are afraid of taking a plane, and perhaps many of you fall into this category.

But here, I want to talk to you about another fear of which flying is only a symbolic image: the fear of freedom.


I seem to hear your voices … you are saying that you are certainly not afraid of freedom.

But the word freedom implies another one, much more uncomfortable and demanding: responsibility.

And these two states are never separable.

It’s too easy to put problems on the shoulders of others!
But any action we take is always and only ‘ours’: burdens and honours.

So why not try to stay, to be free consciously and responsibly all the time?

The world around us would be very different.
Imagine, you can…


A synonym for freedom (and responsibility) is the word independence.

Independence always has costs, sometimes even very high ones, which involve the individual ability to face every difficulty alone, with confidence and courage.

And, looking around me, genuinely independent people are pretty rare …


Flying high like the eagle means trusting the wind, embracing an ever wider horizon with your gaze and above all, it means never being afraid of falling.

The joy of being up there, alone, and flying higher and higher.

Still afraid?

Until next

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Memory, the lost object

The darkness office, 2020

In 1995 the Greek director Theo Angelopoulos made the film ‘The Ulysses’ gaze’, a meditation on the value of memories, of those lost and those found.

What’s a memory?

Each individual guards, protects and preserves joyful and painful memories.
Memories are the foundations on which we build our personal history and the world to which we give life.


Consider for a moment all the memories you have accumulated throughout your life.

Few or many, each memory is linked to another memory of yours and that of other individuals.
Memories form an iridescent spider’s web-like, and someone gets trapped inside it occasionally.

Never linger too long in the memory of the good times gone: the sweetness and joy in remembering will inevitably turn into nostalgia.
And nostalgia can poison every moment of the present time.

Never tie your daily life to the pain you felt and the revenge you still crave for past events.

Let them flow like the river, which remains unchanged even if the flowing water is never the same.


In a superficial and banal way, we could define history as a selection of some memories over others; in short, as a selection of events considered, rightly or wrongly, as worthy of being handed down.

The story we study is only ONE path among the many that arise simultaneously from a given event.

However, we don’t know the memories of all the participants; we don’t know the story of the multitudes who created that same event.

The story comprises only what is left among billions of ignored, forgotten memories.


Memory is also essential to who we are, both as a community and as individuals.

A personal value is that truth that pushes us to act.
And, thanks to memories, the life path and the experiences we made to achieve that value constitute our most authentic wisdom.


Therefore, Ulysses never forgot Ithaca, the place from which he had departed and to which he would belong forever.

And like him, we should never forget who we are and where we come from to get where we want to go.

Remember not to forget, ever.

Until next

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Well, blood is thicker than water

Hamlet, 2021

The Shakespearean tragedy ‘Hamlet’ constantly challenged directors, actors, literary critics, spectators and readers.

It’s a theatrical work with complex interweaving and endless twists.

However, following the Bard in his dramaturgical madness forces us to give some intriguing reflections.

Therefore, let us enter the realm of the family and its internal mechanisms.


Indeed, the family is the first and safest shelter for an individual, but it’s equally valid that the family environment
it’s also the first natural arena in which to learn to defend and fight.

Hamlet’s family is an excellent example of a lion’s den or, if you prefer, snakes.

Therefore, it’s clear from the outset how creeping is among the members of the royal family of Denmark the hate, resentment, envy,
the wildest ambition.

Sibling rivalry.


The late King of Denmark, his brother Claudius, his wife Gertrude and his son Hamlet are all disturbing characters.

Hypocrisy reigns supreme among them.

Just observe how everyone, without exception, is ready to plot against each other.

The end result is a streak of blood, poisoned.


Inside this perverse mechanism that is this royal revenge (the real and only protagonist of the drama), they appear in the foreground some despicable aspects of the human soul.

In the drama, we encounter vanity as a thirst for power, diabolical calculation skills, vainglory and overestimating one’s abilities.

In conclusion, the right to recrimination can never turn into an act of bloody revenge.

You all know the ending.

Until next


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The secret heart of the empire

Le città invisibili, 2021

The fascination of a book lies not only in what it says openly but also in what it whispers.

Specific concepts that are only hinted at or deliberately withheld are like pauses in music:
have the same value as the notes.

In Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’ there’s an empire made up of tangible things but also of things perceived, felt, and imagined.

That is to say, a complex organism comes to life in the white space that separates one word from another.

These elements present in the cities’ descriptions Marco Polo makes to the Kublai Khan constitute the reality that the Tartar emperor will never know directly.

The empire is too large and boundless, and Kublai is too old and tired to go and visit it.

Anyway, for a few days, through the foreigner’s words, the emperor will be able to reach the secret heart of his kingdom and hear it beat.

He’ll feel he owns it more than ever.


Semiotics should be every artist’s field of study: symbols and images are daily bread for artists.

Calvino knew this well.

For instance, the city is a potent symbol, and what Marco Polo describes to the Khan are living signs of the human spirit.

When Polo talks of feelings and emotions, he’s also talking about towers, walls, houses, shops and streets.


In the book, the various locations of the empire are grouped into different categories: cities ​​of memory, desire, signs, exchanges, dead, hidden, continuous, etc …

The categories are precise characteristics of those places, which can be found in every city’s aspect or minor detail.

All cities have female names.


So imagine, for a moment, that you have to describe the city where you were born or live.

To the description of the monuments or places of significant civic or artistic interest, you would add the life you see in the streets and squares, desires, expectations and fears of the men who live there and who animate it.

Cities are not built with concrete, brick, wood or marble.
Cities are the embodiment of human ideals, large and small.

Indeed, it’s no coincidence that Rome is universally known as the ‘ Urbe ‘, which means the city par excellence.

Precisely as the Bible is the book par excellence.

And moreover, as the saying goes, ‘ Rome was not built in a day ‘: it takes the conditions, patience and dedication to realise a great ideal.

And perhaps eternity will not be enough since we also know Rome as the ‘ Eternal City ‘.


At the end of Marco Polo’s account, Kublai Khan feels himself, for the first time, lord and master of his empire.
He visualises it within himself and loves it as if it were one of his sons.

In conclusion, the chaos generated the cosmos of which our world is a part.
Disorder symbolises sublime creativity.

Until next

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A million memories

Il Milione, 2021

Let’s play a game.

Close your eyes and imagine you perceiving a pungent smell of spices, of fish mixed with the scents of precious essences.
Imagine hearing the quiet lapping of the sea, living in the hypnotic city of Venice and being young.

Your name is Marco Polo.

You certainly know that you live in the centre of an incredible and magical world, but you feel annoyed, restless and unsatisfied.

You have millions of expectations and desires.

So, sooner or later, you will leave home, as far away as possible and no matter where.


Your journey towards unknown destinations fascinates you like the ‘song of the Sirens’, even when it could become dangerous and uncertain.

But, after all, you haven’t much to lose and much to gain.

Perhaps you’ll return home rich in goods and money, but in the end, your mind and heart will be full of incomparable visions and memories.

You’ll come back with a different light in your eyes.


And after thousands of kilometres through lands and sea, deserts and glaciers, of encounters with emperors, kings, tempting girls and murderous marauders, you will feel the unstoppable need to return to your country, to your world.

That world that we always carry with us, always inside us.

Even the ‘different one’, we bring it inside us.

Therefore you will discover that you have walked not a path in a straight line but on a circle.

So you realise that you are the traveller, the journey and the destination.


What the human story of the man Marco Polo and his fantastic memories show us it’s the supreme value of human curiosity.

The curiosity to know what is different from us to better know and understand ourselves.

And in that journey towards this knowledge, real or metaphorical, we will create a million priceless memories for ourselves and those who meet us.

This is the experience of true travelling for every human being.

Until next

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Who little sows, harvests little

Percival, 2021

Reading a book is discovering one world, one universe to be recreated every time, giving life to every word in the imagination. In this case, you should also imagine the ending that doesn’t exist. I invite you to take a fantastic journey in one of my private library books.

More than a book of chivalrous adventures, ‘Perceval’ by Chrétien de Troyes it’s a book that speaks of the highest human values.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the tale of the exploits of the young knight Perceval, who knew nothing and couldn’t be able to ask the right questions.

For this, he suffered a lot.


Indeed none of us would find it very exciting to be born and raised in ‘Dead Forest’.

But if you are young and fascinated by everything around you and the promises of your young life, you wouldn’t be scared.

The heroes are all young and beautiful. All-time.


Perceval may seem like a naive boy to you, but he has the good fortune to meet some wise teachers in his lifetime. The values ​​that he’ll believe in and forge him as an individual are imperishable.

The world has not changed: evil cowardice and infamy are always on the world stage and more and more in fashion.

Be always on your guard, like valiant knights.


Everything happens when its time has come.

While you’re growing up, you learn many things from experiences.The insult is a damn boomerang; rest assured.

Seneschal Keu quickly paid the consequences: a dislocated shoulder and a broken arm.Perceval swore revenge and kept his promise.


Wisdom has no time, and often priceless treasures are hidden behind seemingly banal and self-evident phrases.

For many of us who have fought hard to do the job we love and were born for, the title of this paragraph summarises the whole story of our existence in a few words.

But no one, if not ourselves, will ever know what human value those challenging and exalting experiences have generated in our life. And what incredible light they radiate on the world around us and of which we are the centre.

So love every second of difficulty, doubt, and agony you went through to reach your goal. Perceval is young, inexperienced and naive, but he has an unshakable will and determination.


Did it happen to you to be silent more than necessary or, on the contrary, to have talked more than necessary?

Don’t blame yourself. You have always tried to do your best.

Ancient wisdom tells us to be always authentic and, above all, follow our genuine instincts and the voice that speaks inside you. That’s the voice of your divinity working for you that never lies and never does wrong.

Be patient like a true initiate.

May the force be with you, always.

Until next


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A summer by the sea

Passaggio del Mar Rosso, 2021

Summer is coming, and many people are starting to plan their holidays.
The majority will seek refreshment and recreation on the shores of lakes, rivers or seas around the globe.

But water can also be terribly dangerous.

For the passengers on the Titanic, for example, it was by no means a relaxing yet unforgettable vacation.


In contemporary man’s mentality and language, vacation and escape are often synonymous.

Have you ever thought of your holidays as escapes from the city, from the daily routine
of your working life?

The story I want to draw your attention to is the biblical story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.

The story of a daring escape.


Eloha Jahweh is undoubtedly one of the most skilled and ingenious special effects creators, an amazing large-scale magic ‘performer’.

Even Moses is like a magic wand in his hands, nothing more.

The magic show was spectacular: simultaneously carrying out an escape and a massacre.
The sea is transformed into an escape route to safety and, at the same time, into a clockwork death device.

The name ‘Red Sea’ could not have been more perfect, prophetic: a colour blood sea.


Contemporary history, despite the inexorable unfolding of millennia of human civilisation, shows the massive presence of
dictators and dictatorships (often cleverly disguised as democracies) around the world.

We sadly acknowledge, dear friends, that freedom is frightening for most of humanity.

Total personal responsibility throws billions of human souls into utter panic.

I believe that the faithful and followers of any religion or spiritual movement that provides for the total acceptance of dogmatic doctrines (religious or secular) have this attitude of rejection of their natural, inalienable and unlimited freedom.

They voluntarily enslave themselves.
But rarely a slave is happy.

The only freedom of a slave is to obey.

The case of the Israelites is emblematic: first slaves of the Egyptian Pharaoh, then slaves of Jahweh.
Always and in any case, slaves.


One final observation I dedicate to all people seriously concerned about climate change.

Our human culture is dotted with ancient people who labelled natural events (especially catastrophic ones as the division of the Red Sea’s waters certainly is) as magical or miraculous events.

It is perhaps trivial to say that climate changes have always existed, even those of significant impact, but that’s how it is.

So, let’s meditate, people, meditate.

Until next

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Write it on the walls and shout it out loud

Sotto le mura di Gerico, 2021

In the Bible, the stories about the massacres of peoples or the destruction of cities and prodigious events are innumerable.

In the Bible, never say never.
Everything is possible.

The story I want to tell you today is about walls that delimit, that separate, that defend, that relegate, that collapse.
This is the story of the city of Jericho and its destruction.

In my opinion, every single city represents a metaphor:
every man is a city with his own walls; every man is a microcosm connected to other infinite microcosms.

Men are not islands.


At least once in our life, each of us has felt helpless, without a way out, cornered.

The fate of the inhabitants of Jericho is sealed: they will leave the city but like corpses.

But there’s another possibility: they can resurrect.


What feeling do you get when everything has definitively collapsed, destroyed?

The fall of a wall can also be the end of a boundary, the end of a limit.

You choose which one.

Often the defences’ collapse can represent a victory rather than a defeat.

It marks the beginning of a new history, a radical renewal and the birth of new possibilities.


Human interiority is the essence of creativity itself in its most authentic expression.

The main feature of creativity is unpredictability.

It’s in the difficulties that our creative capacity is stimulated and measured.

Imagine that your world of certainties is as pulverised as Jericho’s walls.
Would you consider it the worst or the best day of your life?

Do you think you are like all the inhabitants of the city or do you want to play the game like the beautiful prostitute Raab
who was the only one to survive because she was a spy?

I’m sure you want to survive, right?


Perhaps not everyone knows the value that numbers hold in the Old Testament. The Jewish cabal scholars know it better than anyone else.

But even without being cabalists, the symbolic and magical use of numbers in these stories is evident.

I don’t want to bore you with complicated explanations, so I propose the easiest one:
7 days of siege + 7 priests + 7 trumpets = 777; that is the three times repetition of the seventh letter
of the Hebrew alphabet whose full name is ZAYIN AYIN NUN, which means food, but which also represents the battle
that we have to face to get it.

ZAYIN is an instrument of war.

In life, always be ready for battle.


The most spectacular part of this story of destruction is the method used to pulverise the walls.

It may sound bizarre, but it was enough to scream.

Do you know the number of cabarets in which the talented soprano, emitting an acute, shatters the crystal goblet?

Jericho was the same operation but on a large scale.

In the beginning, it was the creator sound, the Word, and similarly, a sound will be the destroyer.

I, therefore, suggest that you make good use of your voice, the most powerful weapon in the universe.

Until next

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Dreams are desires

Giuseppe interprete di sogni, 2021

The world is wonderful after a night spent in the company of a beautiful dream.

You would never want to wake up.

Something ethereal stays inside you or cloaks you with its shining.

On the contrary, dreaming appears like a complicated enigma when you have a nightmare.

You need to consult your trusted interpreter, and, you know, prophecy is an uncomfortable art.

An art that perhaps is more of a condemnation than a blessing.


The imagination is common to all.

We all use it, often without being aware of it, to forge our lives in every moment, every detail.

Staying tuned to the images that arise in us during sleep and interpreting them is an art handed down and jealously preserved through the centuries.

This is also the secret and the heart of every artistic creation.


So let’s imagine that there is a red thread linking Hamlet and Freud to each other.

In your opinion, which one of the two feared their dreams the most?

Dreams are an integral part of our lifestyle and everyday actions in the waking state, and they affect us much more than we think.

You also must know that dreams never lie.


Another underestimated aspect of our dream activity is dreams’ unerring ability to provide us with the right solution to any problem.

Always and unfailingly.

You just have to ask for it before falling asleep.

So get into the habit of describing the dream you had as soon as you wake up, even with a few words or phrases, and you will be surprised.

Learn your own symbolic alphabet, and, voila, the magic is done.

You will no longer need anything else to take your decisions for the rest of your life.

And you’ll be happy.


The dreaming state and the waking state are parallel realities.

Indeed, among the infinite existing realities, they are the closest to each other if we consider the ease we transit from one to the other.

When we die, the dream is the train that will take us smoothly and safely to the place we have chosen to have new experiences.

Dreams are more than just desires.

Have a good trip, guys.

Until next


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