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Life in the showcase

The Big Brother, 2018

I must confess: I am a daughter of Saturn and my nature is shy and reserved.

This does not mean being a savage or an unsociable person.
I love the company of my fellow men and converse with them.

I love the closeness and direct confrontation with a limited group of people, with whom I can talk by looking them in the eye.

Don’t you like it too?
I know we are millions, maybe billions.

But a phenomenon has spread for years as a daily practice of billions of individuals in our globalised society: uncontrolled voyeurism or “Big Brother Syndrome”.

A pathological form of “life by proxy”.


I’m curious, not afraid of news, and I like challenges if the stakes are interesting.

But I find nothing positive in this life experience ‘ by proxy ‘. I consider it an unpleasant and toxic experience, especially for those who do not yet have a mature, delineated personality.

Young people are psychologically immature.
They are vulnerable.

Unfortunately, they are the most numerous technology consumers applied to communication: the Internet, social media, television and cinema.

Over the last decade, anyone who doesn’t showcase their life on social media is an inadequate person to live in that world.
Anyone who doesn’t conform to this is not an integrated
member in the virtual community.

Each reality has its laws, its rules.
But even human nature jealously preserves all its prerogatives intact: it needs privacy and real contact.
The clash between these two antagonistic realities can lead to incurable conflicts, often pathological, sometimes fatal, in the individual.


The reality of the conflict I am discussing is nothing new ( private vs public ).
But the scenario is different: a social network does not allow natural, genuine interaction between humans.

When you meet with colleagues in the workplace, with classmates at school or with friends from the bar, you do so in specific places for a limited time.
When the leaving time arrives, you say ‘ Bye Bye! Good night everybody, see you tomorrow ‘, and everyone goes home.

Now on the web (virtual) contact can occur with an unspecified number of people, 24 hours a day.

Today, privacy is limited to a few minutes a day for millions of individuals.
The rest is in the public domain.
They love to live like this.

But this life practice is quite dangerous.
Living and working without being spied on every minute or feeling free to wander the streets of the world, knowing that I am like any other man in a crowd, it’s vital to all of us.
Don’t you love the freedom of anonymity?


I feel you are giggling and that, as soon as you read the question, a sardonic smile appeared on your lips …
What the heck! Of course, yes!

Fame is indisputably associated with positive values:
fame = glory
fame = money
fame as a prerequisite for the happiness of this and the other world.

But someone can often become famous for events or characteristics that are anything but positive.
Consider the fame of serial killers or big criminals over the centuries.

Consider the large number of personalities from the entertainment and art world who complain of psychological problems or drug addiction.

Among them, the number of suicides is not irrelevant …

But yes, let’s laugh!


The sentence that serves as the last paragraph’s title is not mine but of the German philosopher Herbert Marcuse who accurately prophesied what has been happening now.

The Marcusian “one-dimensional” man (i.e. the consumer of industrial society) has himself become a commodity (think of the QRcode pass created to limit the COVID contagion).

This web 3.0 ‘ life in the showcase h24 a day ‘ already seems like goods on sale that it’s losing its value.

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Amazing Geometry

The unexpected guest, 2017

In symbolic language, the stairs have an ambivalent meaning.

The stairs can be climbed or descended.

A proverb says, ‘ The world is a stairway: in life there’s ups and downs ‘.

What fascinates me about the staircase is the fact that it’s an immobile structure whose function is to promote movement.
The staircase is an architectural representation of dynamism.
Its geometric shape is simple, the maximum of functionality.

Over the centuries, the most famous architects transformed the stairs into works of art.
In its realisation, the staircase often takes the shape of a spiral, another symbol of eternal movement.


M.Escher represented the stair as the essential element of an infinite spiral in his engravings.

His characters spend their lives passing from one environment to another, imprisoned in a long sequence of infinite stairs, in a geometrically harmonic reality.

It’s no coincidence that the artistic movements of Cubism, Pointillism and Vorticism were born in the early ‘900, which inextricably linked their names to geometry and mathematics.

Even abstract art, however, has its own precise geometric balance, where the eye of the beholder rests on creating his personal view.


The spiral and the stairs are the key elements of the final scene of the famous film by Alfred Hitchcock entitled (not surprisingly) ‘Vertigo’.

The title refers to vertigo the protagonist has from a severe accident.
But a closer reading of the events suggests that Judy’s character is also the centre of a spiral that wraps around itself, formed by her alter egos, Madeleine and Carlotta.


Material reality is a fantastic and kaleidoscopic geometric symphony.

So take your time up or down the stairs.

Until next

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Solitude beings

Our house, 2016

For me, solitude has represented a precious value and a severe and impartial life teacher.

Loneliness (inserted in the proper perspective and certainly not in absolute value) is a condition that allows us to know, reach and preserve the most precious state that governs the spiritual, mental and physical health of the human being: equilibrium.

In music, the pause value is the same as the notes.
The result of this balance is harmony.

If you can make complete silence within yourself, you will have the surprise and joy of hearing the sound of your true, authentic voice.


When you accept the challenge that solitude demands, you are taking an invitation to the most intimate knowledge of yourself.
Accepting solitude means recognising that you are the fulcrum of your existence, the pillar that will never collapse, the safe shelter and the counsellor who makes no mistake and will never lie to you.

Never fear silence, don’t be scared.


The famous phrase in which solitude is defined as ‘blessed’ is Latin.
Sublime definition.


However, one thing must be pointed out: the proper balance to which I refer is the condition of equilibrium between loneliness and everyday sociality.

In this case, also, a Latin proverb comes to clarify the issue. It reaffirms the art of living is knowing how to manage the balance of opposites.

For the Romans, the wise man is the one who lives ‘cum grano salis’, that is, always with intelligence.


The philosopher Blaise Pascal and the poet John Donne describe the actions men can use to reach happiness with different words, so much so that they seem to have opposite perspectives.

But in reality, their points of view are nothing more than the face of the same coin:

  • ‘ All of man’s misfortune comes from one thing, which is not knowing how to sit quietly in a room ‘ (Blaise Pascal)
  • ‘ No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine… ‘(John Donne)

We are all here, in the same boat.
So don’t row against the current and be silent.

Until next

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Glass walls

Glass walls, 2016

I am in love with everything that is glass made. Artistically speaking, glass is one of my great passions, an obsession of mine.

In city development (especially in the last 40 years), architects worldwide have favoured glass as a building material for its transparency, which is synonymous with brightness.

The massive use of glass in buildings (public and private) is justified everywhere by the increased number of facilities and their growing proximity.
Little space between buildings means less light in each apartment.

Glass is functional to increase the pleasantness and livability of homes. In the northern countries, this has always been the primary construction practice.

But in the extensive use of glass in new apartments and offices worldwide, there is a precise psychological indication: daily life is increasingly exposed, an invitation to exhibitionism and voyeurism.

The intimate life becomes like a fiction movie to see on TV, a perfect product for mass consumption.


This whole thing is like a push towards everyday life virtualization and spectacularity.

The glass allows you to see but also to isolate.
A window (which can always be opened if desired) becomes like the glass of a TV or Personal Computer monitor.

But a wall, even if made of glass, always remains a wall.


The phenomenon of globalization is the main responsible for the existence commodification of each of us.

Look around you.
Many young people think that being an ‘influencer’ is a profession.
For many of them, it represents a career to invest in.

This phenomenon represents, for me, the saddest thing in the world: the overwhelming power of emptiness is winning in their hearts.


I have bizarre dreams in my life’s most challenging and stressful times.
The scenarios have changed over the years, but an ever-present element remains unchanged.

In the dream, somewhere, there is always an aquarium; sometimes, it is just a little glass vase with only one inhabitant, but often it appears enormous and can contain thousands of individuals.

But no endangered fish or exotic, colourful species swim in these aquariums. Human beings swim there with dull, glassy eyes.

An unpleasant vision that feels apocalyptic.
I wake up upset, nervous, and furious.


My photographic works are full of glass because transparency is one of my personal values.
My transparency doesn’t indicate the quality of being ‘invisible’, but it’s the possibility of looking through and beyond.
Anyway, you can always buy a good pair of glasses.

See you.

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Who will be the last man?

Up or down?, 2016

Today many people, both those belonging to a religion and atheists, believe in the coming of apocalyptic times.

These people are convinced that any critical change (historical, ethical/moral, environmental) leads the world towards a potentially catastrophic end.
Yet, throughout history, there was always someone somewhere on our planet who preached or predicted the coming of such apocalyptic times.
Which, however, no one has ever lived.

Apocalypse, not received.

Whoever puts these distorted and false visions into circulation has a goal that has always remained unchanged throughout history: to arouse fear in the population.

Those who exercise power know that terror and all its variations are the supreme weapons to govern undisturbed.
Whoever is afraid magically transforms himself into the perfect enslaved person.
Terror overwhelms the mind.


But there is more.

Humanity is fascinated by the only goal impossible to reach: extinction.
Human nature as a whole, intended as the set of all possible and probable human existences, cannot be extinguished and will never reach the end.

The human spirit will always create a new situation which will develop new experiences.

No development follows a straight direction, much less from the bottom to the top.
There is no improvement in evolution.

History shows us that evolution is a circular movement called continuous transformation.

Each created being contains all its possible future states.
And the shape that changes is always present and inalienable from all those future shapes.

Life is inalienable.


Why does evolution have a circular motion?
Because the circular one is the infinite movement and defines the perfect shape.
Because the movement of time is not actually linear but circular.

All ancient cultures called it ‘the time of the gods’, of the immortals.
But the gods were created by the fervent human imagination.

Only man exists, eternal and omnipotent.

And therefore, the distance between the hypothetical first and last man is only apparent.
Because the first and last points in a circular series don’t exist.


So, if the apocalypse is unrealised and unrealisable, it means that it’s only an element with which humanity plays.

Just as it plays eternally with the idyllic time diametrically opposed to the apocalypse:
The golden age of humanity has never existed and will never return.


The human spirit joyfully plays with the wheel of time.

As omnipotent and omniscient, we can never forget who we were, who we are and who we could be.

We are the solution.
Use your desire, the key that will open every door.

Until next

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