Darker the night, brighter the stars

Darker the night, brighter the stars

“To kill yourself, you have to love yourself a lot” – from “Les Justes” by Albert Camus

To commit suicide.
For many people, a taboo.
Every one of us has thought about committing a self-destructive act, at least once in the lifetime. I have thought about making it many times. And I know that you did it, too. No one is left out. I just want to share with you a personal experience, my own experience.Some people I knew, friends, and also my only love killed themselves. Recently the view of an overpass brought back to my mind the memories of these amazing people, and of many suicidal fellow artists. A busy street and a bridge. A road doesn’t offer a single route and doesn’t establish one single destination. Every pic shows, in my intentions, the different and unique personality of these persons, the way they lived their lives and their intimate relation to this particular act of losing their physical body to rediscover the joy of their living. I have perceived different feelings coming from them: anger, a sense of freedom, sadness, joy, triumph, resignation, loneliness, nostalgia, melancholy. But, most of all, a sense of urgency. The need to stop suffering. And suffering is not a natural condition.

Cars in the street run fast. Sometimes very quickly. Our existences rush as cars. Or like ships on the sea that always leave their trails. And if your life is becoming like a stormy sea into a night darker than ever, you can feel that the act of suicide can be a guide, the brighter star into this dark sky. It can lead you to the harbour and give you shelter.

In loving memory of:
Jeanne Hébuterne ( age 21 )
Anne Sexton ( age 46 )
Diane Arbus ( age 48 )
Benedetto (my love – age 73 )