She was born in Rome where she lives and works.

She always engaged herself in artistic activities. She is a self-taught artist. She has been producing “photographic images” since 2007. For many years she worked in the music field, in Italy and abroad, as composer/ musician and sound engineer in hundreds of projects. In many of them, she also held the role of the artistic director. During the last years, she exhibited her photographic artworks in Italy and abroad and won some international art prizes and competitions.

I always had a great interest in art. Any form of art.
In the creation process of my artworks, I use a great variety of “gesture”. So I often use the music to write poems, the sound of words to paint, a motion of the body to write a sonata and any pictorial technique to create photographic images.
I am a supple artist.
A work of art is a creation of a new reality.
A point of view. Our own.
Ugliness can be outrageously beautiful.
What we call beauty is often empty and boring.
On the formal/aesthetic level, I am always searching for the most efficient language. It can be old, new or both together.
The list of names of all the artists that influence me is the same as a telephone directory, and I find it rather useless.
Just like in a game it could be intriguing for the viewers to find these names out by themselves.
I think that the “sense” of art in itself is simple, spontaneous and natural.
I think the artist is someone that is aware to openly take on himself the responsibility of his inner vision, his version of the world around.
Directly, authentically, freely.

Selfportriat -No one, 2018




12th Arte Laguna Prize – “Business for Art” – 1st place in Photography – Italy

Black Box Projects  –  ” Shadow and Light ” – Selected winners – London – England

LightSpaceTime – “555 Special” Art Exhibition – July 2018 – Winner of “Honorable Mention” – Photography and Digital 



April 12th /May 17th  – Artistic Confessions – Collective Exhibition – Elbschloss Residenz – Hamburg – Germany

June 25th /July 5th   – WIA Expo –Collective Exhibition  – Warsaw International Art Expo (Gallerie DAP1/2) Poland

January 29th/31st – SETUP Contemporary Art Fair – Bologna – Italy
April 29th / May 18th -“Inquilini tra le ombre” – Solo Exhibition – Spazio Tadini  – MilanoPhotofestival 2016 – Milan – Italy
May 24th / June 8th –  “Quando sei qui con me ” –  Collective Exhibition – Officina Coviello – Milan – Italy
December 7th/16th  – “Inquilini tra le ombre” –  Solo Exhibition – Galleria “CUBET” – Milan – Italy

June 15th/18th  – The Artbox project Basel 1.0 – Collective exhibition – Euroairport Basel – Switzerland
June – MONA Biennial  – The Museum of Non-Visible Art – http://www.skelf.org.uk – London
December 8th / January 8th  – Collective exhibition – SPA Nova Luna et Stellis – Bergeggi – Savona – Italy


May 1st/10th  – Black Box Projects Gallery – “Shadow and Light” – Collective exhibition – London – England

July 2018 – “555 Special” Art Exhibition – Photography and Digital category – LightSpaceTime Art Website




“Smoke city” – Authors S. Colombo, A. Muratore  – Photographic book – LoosenArt – Rome – Italy