Daniela Bombelli was born in Rome in 1964 where she lives and works.

She is a self-taught artist. Since adolescence, she had a strong passion for visual arts, music, and the different new technologies applied in these areas. From 1989 to 2014, she worked in the music business, both in Italy and abroad, covering different roles in hundreds of records, television and film projects. Since 2007 she chose to pursue a career as a visual artist, mainly focused on creating ‘fine art’ photographic images. During the last years, she exhibited and published her photographic artworks in Italy and abroad and won some international art prizes and competitions.

Above all, the shape.

The shape has a direct relationship with the function and with the essence in everything. Investigating every possible aspect of this relationship is the centre of my artistic research.

I am fascinated by the relationship between visual shapes and their meaning connected with other forms, such as sound ones. Some musical elements, such as genre, timbre, or duration, often suggest creating images that, as in a game of mirrors, represent their perfect visual replica or, on the contrary, are transformed into their exact opposite. In the evolution of style and the diversity of contents, I try to give objects a ‘voice’, a quality they seem not to have and not express. But that is very clear to those who can see and hear. That voice can be heard only in absolute silence and in the absence of any natural movement.

Only light and shadow, the essential, the essence.

I utilise simple shapes and figures with which I get essential compositions, often bare, where the use of colour/BW and materials’ choice is deliberately symbolic.

Regarding the formal aspect, my work shows affinity and continuity with artists such as C.Brancusi, D.Gnoli and E.Sottsass. Furthermore, I have been influenced by S. Kubrick‘s movies, whom I consider a true master in the art of merging musical and visuals forms in a rigorous and essential style.

Alter Ego
DANIELA BOMBELLI  Photographic Art background image