Daniela Bombelli was born in Rome in 1964 where she lives and works.

She always engaged herself in artistic activities. She is a self-taught artist. She has been producing photographic images since 2007. For many years she worked in the music field, in Italy and abroad, as composer/ musician and sound engineer in hundreds of projects. In many of them, she also held the role of the artistic director. During the last years, she exhibited and published her photographic artworks in Italy and abroad and won some international art prizes and competitions.

I make my images with the help of a camera, and my pictures are photographs in their shape, but I am not a conventional photographer. I prefer to call myself a photographic artist. My artistic research is mainly focused on personal introspection; on a journey around human interior values, desires and thoughts. I try to raise in the viewer’s mind curiosity and self-reflection, a meditative state of mind on inwardness. To reach the goal, I usually depict everyday objects with metaphoric meaning, which I  like to describe from an “alien” point of view. Sometimes this action alters not only their shape but also the purpose of their regular intended use. So the objects turn into concepts and altered, distorted art forms. At present, in the creation process of my artworks, I am pretty minimal and focused on abstract images. Therefore, on the visual stylistic level, I feel more fascinated by abstract painters or sculptors rather than photographers, like Domenico Gnoli, Ettore Sottsass, Agnes Martin, Getulio Alviani and the kinetic art movement. Still, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Aaron Suskind, Man Ray, and Robert Mapplethorpe are always an excellent source for inspiration to me.

Alter Ego ( William Wilson )