Sex Pleasures

At its core, the human sexuality is made up of intense sensations, both physical and psychological of pleasure/pain. Pleasure and pain are not opposed extremes; they are complemental and always inextricably intermingled, intertwined. The orgasm of the human race is the most tangible example of this likeness of opposites. Even if in my sex life I experienced a considerable amount of boredom, in my most successful sexual encounters everything is always very intense, lively. And I wanted to celebrate these successes of mine with a colourful and witty reflection on human sex. This collection of images is made up of two series: Love Gestures and Unforgettable Lovers. They explore the different aspects and expressions related to the human sexual pleasure over time.
I adopted a joking way to interpret the ancient wisdom language of the hand gestures to create “Love Gestures.” and a particular changing of meaning for “The Finger” ( the right hand of the colossal statue of Constantine ).The central topics of “Unforgettable Lovers” are the mechanic of pleasure and its instruments: the leading role of the condom (regarding freedom and security during intercourse ) in the contemporary lovemaking culture. The joy to preserve, with meticulous care, the most beautiful memories ( also physical ) of unforgettable moments.