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Write it on the walls and shout it out loud

Sotto le mura di Gerico, 2021

In the Bible, the stories about the massacres of peoples or the destruction of cities and prodigious events are innumerable.

In the Bible, never say never.
Everything is possible.

The story I want to tell you today is about walls that delimit, that separate, that defend, that relegate, that collapse.
This is the story of the city of Jericho and its destruction.

In my opinion, every single city represents a metaphor:
every man is a city with his own walls; every man is a microcosm connected to other infinite microcosms.

Men are not islands.


At least once in our life, each of us has felt helpless, without a way out, cornered.

The fate of the inhabitants of Jericho is sealed: they will leave the city but like corpses.

But there’s another possibility: they can resurrect.


What feeling do you get when everything has definitively collapsed, destroyed?

The fall of a wall can also be the end of a boundary, the end of a limit.

You choose which one.

Often the defences’ collapse can represent a victory rather than a defeat.

It marks the beginning of a new history, a radical renewal and the birth of new possibilities.


Human interiority is the essence of creativity itself in its most authentic expression.

The main feature of creativity is unpredictability.

It’s in the difficulties that our creative capacity is stimulated and measured.

Imagine that your world of certainties is as pulverised as Jericho’s walls.
Would you consider it the worst or the best day of your life?

Do you think you are like all the inhabitants of the city or do you want to play the game like the beautiful prostitute Raab
who was the only one to survive because she was a spy?

I’m sure you want to survive, right?


Perhaps not everyone knows the value that numbers hold in the Old Testament. The Jewish cabal scholars know it better than anyone else.

But even without being cabalists, the symbolic and magical use of numbers in these stories is evident.

I don’t want to bore you with complicated explanations, so I propose the easiest one:
7 days of siege + 7 priests + 7 trumpets = 777; that is the three times repetition of the seventh letter
of the Hebrew alphabet whose full name is ZAYIN AYIN NUN, which means food, but which also represents the battle
that we have to face to get it.

ZAYIN is an instrument of war.

In life, always be ready for battle.


The most spectacular part of this story of destruction is the method used to pulverise the walls.

It may sound bizarre, but it was enough to scream.

Do you know the number of cabarets in which the talented soprano, emitting an acute, shatters the crystal goblet?

Jericho was the same operation but on a large scale.

In the beginning, it was the creator sound, the Word, and similarly, a sound will be the destroyer.

I, therefore, suggest that you make good use of your voice, the most powerful weapon in the universe.

Until next

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Dreams are desires

Giuseppe interprete di sogni, 2021

The world is wonderful after a night spent in the company of a beautiful dream.

You would never want to wake up.

Something ethereal stays inside you or cloaks you with its shining.

On the contrary, dreaming appears like a complicated enigma when you have a nightmare.

You need to consult your trusted interpreter, and, you know, prophecy is an uncomfortable art.

An art that perhaps is more of a condemnation than a blessing.


The imagination is common to all.

We all use it, often without being aware of it, to forge our lives in every moment, every detail.

Staying tuned to the images that arise in us during sleep and interpreting them is an art handed down and jealously preserved through the centuries.

This is also the secret and the heart of every artistic creation.


So let’s imagine that there is a red thread linking Hamlet and Freud to each other.

In your opinion, which one of the two feared their dreams the most?

Dreams are an integral part of our lifestyle and everyday actions in the waking state, and they affect us much more than we think.

You also must know that dreams never lie.


Another underestimated aspect of our dream activity is dreams’ unerring ability to provide us with the right solution to any problem.

Always and unfailingly.

You just have to ask for it before falling asleep.

So get into the habit of describing the dream you had as soon as you wake up, even with a few words or phrases, and you will be surprised.

Learn your own symbolic alphabet, and, voila, the magic is done.

You will no longer need anything else to take your decisions for the rest of your life.

And you’ll be happy.


The dreaming state and the waking state are parallel realities.

Indeed, among the infinite existing realities, they are the closest to each other if we consider the ease we transit from one to the other.

When we die, the dream is the train that will take us smoothly and safely to the place we have chosen to have new experiences.

Dreams are more than just desires.

Have a good trip, guys.

Until next


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Like the rain in the desert

La manna, 2021

Biblical stories are often as surprising as fairy tales.

We all had the pleasure and privilege of being dragged into their magical reality during childhood.

The story of the manna that fell in the desert to feed the people of Israel fleeing Egypt is something that comforts, reminding us of abundance after famine and hunger.

The desert is no longer scary.

More value for everyone

Manna is almost synonymous with life, of well-being.

Its nature, however, is so ambiguous that it’s still not known precisely what it is.

Many believe that manna is a kind of resin or ‘honeydew’ of the Tamarisk tree,
and some intellectuals and artists think it’s a hallucinogenic mushroom instead.

But the issue doesn’t change: manna is a fantastic thing.

For me, manna is everything a person desires with all his soul.

It’s a precious diamond.

The kingdom of ‘It’s never enough’

In desperate situations, one thought always emerges clearly in our minds: ‘there is something wrong, something is missing …’.

We often end up ‘spreading’ this scarcity feeling over our entire existence.
There is never enough of everything.

We live in a society conditioned by many false needs, which create useless and unattainable

Why poison life like this, waiting for the manna to fall from heaven?

We all need something special

The things that genuinely make us happy have no market and rarely fall out of the sky.

The things that make us happy are those that are perfectly in tune with our nature.

Something that comforts us

The ‘manna’ is, therefore, everything that can give us a valid comfort in the difficulties of everyday life,
everything that ‘saves’ us from inner balance loss.

We are all tightrope walkers on a tightrope over the abyss …

Until next

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