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The road in the wood

The Utopia forest, 2022

The forest is a mysterious and magical place.

It’s one of those earthly places where the human being is accepted and tolerated, but he’s not always a welcome guest.

They are those places where human beings are not the majority.

But unlike seas, mountains and expanses of ice, which are places where men can live by claiming their nature, to live in a forest, man must become a creature of the woods and allow his vision of the world to change, on pain of death.


I am Roman, and I know that the origins of the Latin people are hidden in the woods.

Before the foundation of Rome with an Etruscan rite, the Capitoline Hill and the wood that covered its slopes were the reign of the fugitive god Saturn. Saturn, hidden in the woods,  taught the peoples of Lazio (whose name derives from the Latin term “Latium”, which means “hidden”) the art of agriculture, inaugurating for the Latins ‘The golden age ‘, that is, an era of peace and abundance

Saturn initiated the ancestors of Rome to the civilisation of customs and the secret laws of civil life. All ancient civilisations have performed the most sacred and secret initiation rites in the woods since the dawn.

The wood was the most sacred and naturally inviolable temple of humanity.

If you love the woods as I do, their sacredness and their magic, you can read J.Frazer’s essay by the anthropologist “The Golden Bough”.

You will have fun and be surprised.


Witches have always been regular visitors to the woods.

Searching for medicinal herbs or herbs to prepare magical ointments and potions is the most essential activity for witches, ancient and modern. WICCA (the neopagan movement founded in 1954 by Gerald Gardner) also refers to this ancient woodland tradition.

 The Sabbath has always occurred in a secluded clearing deep in the woods.

Don’t also forget the fairies, the gnomes, and the elves all over the planet always live in the woods, the most magical place there is. So if you go to the woods be sure that, sooner or later, you will meet these hosts.

Be respectful guests. Know that someone will be watching you, always.


I have had the most significant experiences of my life in the woods.

I have imagined and fantasised several times about how my death will happen.

I visualised it several times in a dream: it was always in a wood where I felt at home, at peace with myself and the whole universe.

The hardest thing was to find the way in that magical world to reach the other world.

But I don’t get discouraged easily.

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Cannot sleep, 2016

What makes the night a particular time?
From the dawn of humanity, the night is the time when we open the door that allows us to pass from the diurnal dimension to the reality of dreams.
The dream is another reality that we frequent every day.
We live in sleep, dreams and nightmares.

We dream with open eyes as with closed eyes.


Problems arise when we cannot easily fall asleep, and we cannot cross the threshold of the dream world.

Insomnia is the most common pathology in humans.
Not sleeping means draining your physical energies; it weakens the mind and prostrates the soul.

Without sleep and without dreams, you die.

Since the beginning of their history, medicine and pharmacopoeia have been concerned with sleep disorders.
We can still efficiently use substances such as chamomile, valerian, passion flower and lemon balm.

Or we can use the trick of counting, counting, counting … counting sheep.

Animals that reassure.


Whoever invented this method was perhaps a simple shepherd.
Perhaps because the bucolic landscape of a distant and unreachable Arcadia belongs only to an ideal world, but dreaming is a wonder; it’s beautiful.

Not dreaming depresses you and condemns you to live in a two-dimensional world. A flat land.

I have known several people who were afraid of dreaming.
Genuine fear of living.


I don’t think that dream is an escape or a secondary, irrelevant dimension of reality.

The dream world is exactly like the waking world.
It has its own rules, where we make experiences consistent with its nature.

Being so close, these two realities significantly influence each other.
Using dreaming experiences is a daily practice for anyone, even when we don’t realize it.

Dreams (and nightmares) are a forge where we produce solutions to what we consider problems in the waking state.
I said solutions, not problems.

A real gold mine.
Sweet dreams.


… and that’s all, folks.


Whatever the cause of your insomnia is, face it with peace of mind.

The more you worry and magnify the problem (which certainly is severe), it will produce precisely the result you don’t want.
Anxiety will become your inseparable companion.

Love your nightmares, and don’t blame yourself unnecessarily.
Accept yourself, and everything will become more bearable.

So, I wish you a good night.

Until next

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Who will be the last man?

Up or down?, 2016

Today many people, both those belonging to a religion and atheists, believe in the coming of apocalyptic times.

These people are convinced that any critical change (historical, ethical/moral, environmental) leads the world towards a potentially catastrophic end.
Yet, throughout history, there was always someone somewhere on our planet who preached or predicted the coming of such apocalyptic times.
Which, however, no one has ever lived.

Apocalypse, not received.

Whoever puts these distorted and false visions into circulation has a goal that has always remained unchanged throughout history: to arouse fear in the population.

Those who exercise power know that terror and all its variations are the supreme weapons to govern undisturbed.
Whoever is afraid magically transforms himself into the perfect enslaved person.
Terror overwhelms the mind.


But there is more.

Humanity is fascinated by the only goal impossible to reach: extinction.
Human nature as a whole, intended as the set of all possible and probable human existences, cannot be extinguished and will never reach the end.

The human spirit will always create a new situation which will develop new experiences.

No development follows a straight direction, much less from the bottom to the top.
There is no improvement in evolution.

History shows us that evolution is a circular movement called continuous transformation.

Each created being contains all its possible future states.
And the shape that changes is always present and inalienable from all those future shapes.

Life is inalienable.


Why does evolution have a circular motion?
Because the circular one is the infinite movement and defines the perfect shape.
Because the movement of time is not actually linear but circular.

All ancient cultures called it ‘the time of the gods’, of the immortals.
But the gods were created by the fervent human imagination.

Only man exists, eternal and omnipotent.

And therefore, the distance between the hypothetical first and last man is only apparent.
Because the first and last points in a circular series don’t exist.


So, if the apocalypse is unrealised and unrealisable, it means that it’s only an element with which humanity plays.

Just as it plays eternally with the idyllic time diametrically opposed to the apocalypse:
The golden age of humanity has never existed and will never return.


The human spirit joyfully plays with the wheel of time.

As omnipotent and omniscient, we can never forget who we were, who we are and who we could be.

We are the solution.
Use your desire, the key that will open every door.

Until next

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The courage to be bizarre

Red room, 2016

I would like to share some unusual thoughts and bizarre questions with you.

Human existence is characterised by searching for an elsewhere to be, to create new and glorious experiences.
We all crave an elsewhere, at any cost.

But where is an elsewhere?

Strange question, but let’s not get upset before there is reason to.

The ‘elsewhere’ is much more than an ordinary physical place.
The ‘elsewhere’ is not even in our heads.
Elsewhere is an infinite number of dimensions, all perfectly accessible, in which we can create unlimited experiences.

So, we can proceed with our talk here or elsewhere.
This fact is advantageous.


A fascinating little puzzle.

The compulsive and tireless creator ( that each of us is ) loves infinite variety and extreme personalisation.

Perception is the tool which brings out that unique and unrepeatable vision of an event that I will call ‘my’ experience.

Think about how the same event can generate experiences of opposite signs in different people.

For most people dying is a tragedy; for some, a liberation and, for a few, even an honour.

But dying is and remains only a routine in this dimension, in which it’s considered an essential experience and an inevitable factor.

Ciak, action: death makes us unique.


Let’s make a brief summary of what influences our perception:

1 Our culture
2 Our personal story
3 The automatic association with a particular sensation

When we were children, someone scolded us and gave us a hard slap in the face.

Most of us will likely have associated the slap with guilt, error, humiliation, pain, anger, shame and despair.

Thus, if someone in adult life slaps us again, it’s very likely that we will associate the same feelings and emotions with this experience.

Maybe even the same reaction.

But if we consciously change our perception, the slap received can take, for example, the evangelical meaning of ‘turn the other cheek’.

In short, if we don’t insert the automatic pilot, we are always free to decide how and what to feel in every single experience.

A horse of a different colour.


From whatever perspective you are evaluating your life, be aware that it’s only a point of view and that even the most miserable among existences can be the most exciting and adventurous and that a life lived with ease can be a masterpiece of endless boredom.

And for today, that’s all, folks, from my scarlet study.

Until next

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