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Memory, the lost object

The darkness office, 2020

In 1995 the Greek director Theo Angelopoulos made the film ‘The Ulysses’ gaze’, a meditation on the value of memories, of those lost and those found.

What’s a memory?

Each individual guards, protects and preserves joyful and painful memories.
Memories are the foundations on which we build our personal history and the world to which we give life.


Consider for a moment all the memories you have accumulated throughout your life.

Few or many, each memory is linked to another memory of yours and that of other individuals.
Memories form an iridescent spider’s web-like, and someone gets trapped inside it occasionally.

Never linger too long in the memory of the good times gone: the sweetness and joy in remembering will inevitably turn into nostalgia.
And nostalgia can poison every moment of the present time.

Never tie your daily life to the pain you felt and the revenge you still crave for past events.

Let them flow like the river, which remains unchanged even if the flowing water is never the same.


In a superficial and banal way, we could define history as a selection of some memories over others; in short, as a selection of events considered, rightly or wrongly, as worthy of being handed down.

The story we study is only ONE path among the many that arise simultaneously from a given event.

However, we don’t know the memories of all the participants; we don’t know the story of the multitudes who created that same event.

The story comprises only what is left among billions of ignored, forgotten memories.


Memory is also essential to who we are, both as a community and as individuals.

A personal value is that truth that pushes us to act.
And, thanks to memories, the life path and the experiences we made to achieve that value constitute our most authentic wisdom.


Therefore, Ulysses never forgot Ithaca, the place from which he had departed and to which he would belong forever.

And like him, we should never forget who we are and where we come from to get where we want to go.

Remember not to forget, ever.

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A million memories

Il Milione, 2021

Let’s play a game.

Close your eyes and imagine you perceiving a pungent smell of spices, of fish mixed with the scents of precious essences.
Imagine hearing the quiet lapping of the sea, living in the hypnotic city of Venice and being young.

Your name is Marco Polo.

You certainly know that you live in the centre of an incredible and magical world, but you feel annoyed, restless and unsatisfied.

You have millions of expectations and desires.

So, sooner or later, you will leave home, as far away as possible and no matter where.


Your journey towards unknown destinations fascinates you like the ‘song of the Sirens’, even when it could become dangerous and uncertain.

But, after all, you haven’t much to lose and much to gain.

Perhaps you’ll return home rich in goods and money, but in the end, your mind and heart will be full of incomparable visions and memories.

You’ll come back with a different light in your eyes.


And after thousands of kilometres through lands and sea, deserts and glaciers, of encounters with emperors, kings, tempting girls and murderous marauders, you will feel the unstoppable need to return to your country, to your world.

That world that we always carry with us, always inside us.

Even the ‘different one’, we bring it inside us.

Therefore you will discover that you have walked not a path in a straight line but on a circle.

So you realise that you are the traveller, the journey and the destination.


What the human story of the man Marco Polo and his fantastic memories show us it’s the supreme value of human curiosity.

The curiosity to know what is different from us to better know and understand ourselves.

And in that journey towards this knowledge, real or metaphorical, we will create a million priceless memories for ourselves and those who meet us.

This is the experience of true travelling for every human being.

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